"Sourcing with no boundaries"… Here at Sunbird, that's more than just a slogan.  For us, it's a way of life!


We created our company without any boundaries.  Unlike many of the giant corporations you see out there, we're a small business that believes no goal is unreachable.  What we may lack in size, we more than make up for in energy and passion! 


In fact, Sunbird wasn't just created to help people like you get products from Point A to Point B.  Instead, we decided to go into business so that we could be a complete "creative workshop".  We believe that coming to work every day should be fun -- and for us, having fun means helping people turn their ideas into reality.  So, we're not just here to provide OEM and ODM services -- we can help with any other part of the creative process, too!


Above all else, we want our customers to succeed.  That's why we always look at things with a "can" attitude instead of a "can't".  Excuses simply aren't a part of the Sunbird vocabulary! 


Our extensive sourcing experience has given us great working relationships with Chinese mainland manufacturers, so we have all of the necessary connections to get the job done right, the first time.  And, because we've "been there and done that" countless times before, we know how to avoid the delays and other frustrations that can come with sourcing your products halfway around the world.


But in keeping with our "no boundaries" spirit, we don't limit ourselves just to China. Our team has also developed strong relationships in a variety of other markets, so no matter where you're looking to expand your business, we can help you do it.


Here at Sunbird, we don't believe in turning our customers into just another number.  For us, our work is much bigger than that.  The only way to see the Sunbird difference is to experience it for yourself!

Today, most entreprenerus start their sourcing search online,  They start with a lot of excitement, hoping to get very low prices with great looking products from an internet sourcing engines.  But they end up getting disastrous products -- late deliveries or paid with no deliveries too.  If this has happened to you, you already know that there has to be a better way.


Frustrated about product quality, on-time delivery and other issues that are causing you to lose confidence in a supplier’s ability to meet your needs?  Why not leave all the frustration to us?  At Sunbird, we have vast sourcing experience in multiple markets and strong relationships with mainland China manufacturers. We offer custom-designed services, including:


  • Product Sourcing

We align with many medium and small factories to make good quality products for you at the best possible prices.


  • Product Development

Getting your product from idea to delivery is just as exciting for us as it is for you, and we’re happy to show our enthusiasm in everything we do.


  • Quality Inspection

We work as your eyes and ears for DUPRO, FI and container loading inspections. We tell you exactly what we find in the field and don’t mind telling you when we don’t think quality standards are being met.


  • Problem Solving

We don’t just tell you about problems we find, but we work to provide the best possible solutions. We offer advice and suggestions about how to solve any issues you encounter.


  • Creative Promotion

Did your last promotion boost your sales?  Whether it did or didn’t, we can help you develop an idea for a product that will make a big difference in your bottom line. And who says promotional campaigns have to be big?


  • Promotional Packaging Design

We can design and produce value-added packaging and custom-made promotional products that meet your budget while serving your needs better than you ever thought possible.


  • OEM & ODM Projects

From concept to design, manufacturing and supply, we offer the highest level of customization to meet your requirements.                                                     


  • Two-Ways Sourcing Service

Unlike some competitors, we offer complete two-way service. That means we export from China and also import into China for companies trying to bring their products to the vast Chinese marketplace.


Ready to get started? Contact Sunbird today for whatever you need. No matter whether your need is large or small, our team of dedicated professionals can help you find or create the perfect solution.

Your Suceess Is Our Ultimate Mission !!!